5 Reasons why you should switch to shampoo bars

5 Reasons why you should switch to shampoo bars

This week we want to share with you 5 reasons why you should switch to shampoo bars. There are more and more influences that use their platforms to share sustainable solutions with the world. One trend that has been growing is the shampoo bars. It’s not just a new product! It’s a new way to approach hair care, and we want you to know all about it!

Going Sustainable

Here you can find our sustainable resolutions for 2020. You will find that going sustainable is very rooted in self-discovery. Actually, it’s a way of living that stands in the belief that standard solutions and mass production aren’t the answer. Our bodies and minds, while similar, are not the same. That’s why we need to take some time to discover and pay attention to ourselves.


The same goes for every little part of your being. Today we want to focus on hair.
The hair industry is worth millions, and like most of the beauty care business, is rooted in our lack of self-esteem. So firstly, we would like you to take a moment to appreciate your hair. Even though beauty standards defend a silky straight shiny blond hair, that doesn’t mean your hair isn’t as beautiful. All hair types are fabulous, and we should allow ourselves to fall in love with our own hair.

Loving ourselves can change the world

Of course, we should do whatever we want with our hair. There is nothing more fun than to express ourselves through the way we look. However, changing one’s look, should be an enjoyable experience and not something we do because we hate our reflection. The truth is, we will never be free to really go after the things we love if we need to look beautiful all the time. It’s exhausting and boring because we are not dolls, we are vibrant human beings.

You can read this one out loud:

I am magnificent the way I am. I am thankful for this amazing body that allows me to experience Life to its fullest.

5 Reasons you should switch to shampoo bars

1 – Finding out how fabulous your Natural hair is

This is actually really emotional right? How well do you know your own body?
We start taming it from such a young age, that we never get to see our wilderness shine. It may not look like it does sometimes, but Nature always has our back.

Did you know that the hair produces oils so it self-cleans and hydrates? When we use too many products our scalp can be very hurt and confused. That is why we invite you to use the isolation time to join us in a little experiment.

What do you think about not washing your hair for a week or two? No, we’re not crazy. At first it will be challenging, but little by little you will find your hair’s true self.


2 – Your Hair will be less demanding

After this experiment, you can better evaluate if you are washing your hair too many times.

Usually, people with dry hair tend to wash their hair once or twice a week. On the other hand, people with regular and oily hair tend to wash it mostly every day. This can cause the hair to produce even more oil and trap you in a never-ending circle of hair abuse. And we all know where that leads us. Weak hair that we can’t grow out. Or worse, lack of hair, that will force you to spend more money in even more aggressive hair treatments.

Actually, many hairdressers have discovered a special power in a vegan and sustainable way to treat your hair. They advocate for less washing and more loving!

Less products needed

There are many things you can do to treat your hair that don’t involve any products. And yes, they are surprisingly efficient.

Some examples are, brushing or combing your hair before going to bed and sleeping with braids. The reason for this ritual is spreading the oils your scalp produces naturally through your hair. The braids will keep it from tangling and splitting during our beauty sleep.

Not blow-drying and straightening your hair is also a great way to give it a break. As you probably know already, the heat can be very damaging as well.

Another product free tip is reducing stress. It will help reducing extra oil production and improve your overall hair health. Don’t forget that the mind as a massive impact on our body’s health.

3 – You’ll be exposed to less chemicals

Nowadays there are very few labels we can understand fully. This isn’t necessarily bad, of course. However, there are more and more studies showing that many beauty products have carcinogenic elements, like sulfates and parabens. Sulfates, for example, wash your hair so thoroughly that they also wash way essential Natural oils. Leaving your scalp in need of more extra products, to repair something it does Naturally.
This can be especially life-changing if you have sensitive skin.

The truth is that beauty doesn’t have to be something we can only achieve through sacrifice anymore. It can be about celebrating our uniqueness and personal style! How much brighter wouldn’t the world be?


4 – A more sustainable lifestyle

Like everything new in the sustainability world, do your research before buying anything. We don’t want you to be green-washed! It is possible to buy dermatologically tested products that:

  • don’t contain palm oil
  • are Vegan
  • are Cruelty-free
  • that are sulfates free
  • come in a paper packaging or reusable recipient
  • are Ethically made

Can you feel the sustainability goddess within jumping with joy? Here we have a product that is made ethically and causes no harm to our beautiful environment.
It’s easy to transport and to use. Not to mention there is very little waste involved!

The best way to find what makes your hair thrive is through experimenting.
However, we found that, for most of you, a second or even third product won’t be needed. Washing your hair can be a simple and inexpensive process, with equally fabulous results.

Natural conditioning alternatives

If you do need some extra love there are really good Natural conditioning options. You should try them out carefully because Natural oils can be quite efficient. Coconut oil, olive oil or even Almond oil are delicious hair food. For better results massage your scalp and hair with Natural oils in the sun. It will feel and look divine!

Where to get your shampoo bar?

There are more and more small businesses that produce organic shampoo bars. Our best advice is to look for markets near you that sell organic products, and talk to the producers themselves.

Since it will probably take some time for that to be possible, our online shop recommendations are Lush and Organii


5 – Your hair will be healthier than ever

This is a process that may require a bit of time. But the results we have seen in so many people that went on this journey are amazing. From having more hair, to seeing their hair grow much faster and having a much softer touch. It’s incredible what we can achieve when we go back to Nature. Allowing Nature to heal you while helping her to heal by reducing our waste is a beautiful experience.

We have to ask ourselves what got us here. Why do we fall for immediate success when we know so well that always comes at a higher price?

Remember that impulse buying is usually a coping mechanism to deal with something much deeper. We have to be brave and address our feelings so that our planet doesn’t suffer the consequences of a passive society.

We can all be better, and we call save our blue home.

Have a beautiful day,


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