WHO makes our SHOES?

Transparency in the way we manufacture our pieces, is what we stand for at NAE. Where do the materials come from, who processes them, and how they are handled at the factories. All these steps are important, and the people and lives involved matter. In Fast Fashion, the price is paid by workers that do …

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The Fashion Revolution Week

As the name entails, a revolution is in hand. More or less informed you probably already heard the rumor that the people who make your clothes might not be having the best time doing them. In two days, it will be 6 years since the disaster in the Rana Plaza building in Bangladesh. The warnings and concerns from the …

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Welcome to our Blog

Welcome to NAE’s first Blogpost! This blog will be dedicated not only to tell you all the details about our fabulous and kind shoes, but also to start an open dialog about the topics we are most passionate about. We will cover everything, from the problematic fast fashion industry to delicious vegan recipes! It will be heavy, but always charming. We’re not perfect by any means. …

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