How a Vegan Shoe is made

This week we want to to share with you the wonders of vegan shoes. You can read all about the leather industry, and why we chose another path here. As you know veganism is more than a diet. It’s a lifestyle that defends eco, animal and people friendly methods. Slow fashion and circular economy give …

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5 myths about Veganism

Veganism is a lifestyle, is the pursuit for the ethical, most loving way of existing. From clothes, to food, cosmetics and so many other items, that we can easily forget, that come from some sort of animal or human suffering. To be a Vegan is to be one with Nature, with life itself. It’s a …

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The ABC’s of Veganism

Being a Vegan is much more than not to consume any animal products, it’s a way of living. But let’s focus on food now! Vegan delight with all the vegetables, seeds and grains Nature has to offer. Now the big question is, are we strong and healthy? Let’s start by what’s usually the biggest concern. You might think it’s just in meat, but …

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