Happy Vegan day!

To help celebrate this very special day, we decided to share some easy and accessible ways to help make the transition to a Vegan diet. We are made of traditions, habits, Ideals and contradictions. We are in constant change. We are energy, and we have the power to change our reality with an amazing ease. …

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Travelling Vegan Class

Wouldn’t you like to travel and stay in Hotels where you could simply trust that everything was Vegan friendly? Places where you could really enjoy yourself without having to worry about every food choice, every seemingly leather couch… A place where everything around you was aligned with your beliefs. It seems dreamy right? We can’t …

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How a Vegan Shoe is made

This week we want to to share with you the wonders of vegan shoes. You can read all about the leather industry, and why we chose another path here. As you know veganism is more than a diet. It’s a lifestyle that defends eco, animal and people friendly methods. Slow fashion and circular economy give …

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